Basketball revives, precision wins defense—The third staff basketball game came to a successful end
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/11/12

In order to cultivate team spirit, practice the company culture, strengthen the body of employees, and provide a stage for many basketball fans in the company to show themselves, Jinggong science and technology held the third employee basketball game recently. Each team was allowed to bring in a foreign aid, which made the tournament much more intense, unpredictable and enjoyable. On November 9th, the final stage of the third staff basketball match was held in Jindi gymnasium.


The championship is just like last year, but the roles are reversed -- Precision manufacturing has changed from last year's challenger to this year's champion, robot and Jingheng data can bring back last year's lost champion, become a big focus before the competition.







At the beginning of the game, the two sides for the initiative to start a fierce struggle, the score you catch up with me, about the same, robot & jingheng data only 18:17 lead one end of the first section. Starting in the second quarter, however, Precision Manufacturing took full advantage of its teamwork and showed the defending champs' strength, playing aggressive defense and matching well, repeatedly putting up an offensive surge that led by eight points at the end of the first half. In the second half of the game, Precision manufacturing firmly seized the accumulated advantages and played steadily, while the main player was accidentally injured in the third quarter of the game, which affected the play of robot & Jingheng data. In the end, precision Manufacturing with its own advantages and stable play, 78-72 to achieve the title, again won the championship. Robot & Jingheng Data was defeated and ranked second, but the final stage of the brave chase was equally impressive. Both sides of the wonderful performance worthy of the title and runner-up competition, together for the audience to give a fantastic game. In addition, executive beat carbon fiber & Energy Equipment 76-59 for third place.


As the final whistle, the third session of the staff basketball game successfully ended. We believe that the spirit of striving and striving for the first will continue in our work and life, and will encourage the elite to continue to march forward.

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