Welcoming the Winter Olympics and Asian Games Running around Guazhu Lake to Keep Fitness——JGST’s "i City?i Life" Mini Marathon around Guazhu Lake
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2021/11/10

The Beijing Winter Olympics has entered a 100-day sprint, and the Hangzhou Asian Games is also in full swing. Although it has entered the winter, the cold cannot stop the sports boom, and the era of sports for all has truly arrived. On the morning of November 6th, in order to encourage employees to enhance their physical fitness and welcome the Asian Games together, JGST's first mini-marathon was held on the banks of Guazhu Lake. Nearly 40 employees and leadership representatives participated in the event. Although the weather is gloomy and cold, the enthusiasm for activities is unprecedentedly high.


Assistant General Manager, Chen Liang mobilized before running


 Chairman of the Labour Union, Ding Hongwei delivered an opening speech 

Before running, warm-up activities are essential. The staff prepared a number of interesting warm-up games for everyone. While allowing the participants to stretch their bodies, they also achieved the purpose of fully warming up the event. Following a conspicuous slogan, the athletes “drank up the wine” in the bowl, ignited their fighting spirit, and competed for the best in a battle of forgetting gender, forgetting age, and forgetting their positions.



Starting from the circular plaza of South Bank Park, passing by the modern waterfront park featuring textile culture-West Bank Park, a comprehensive park with full functions-North Bank Park, and the scenic and beautiful "Prince Bay Park in Keqiao" "——East Bank Park...Rounding around Guazhu Lake, in a track where every step is scenic and there are historical relics everywhere, all athletes give full play to their level, constantly compete, surpass, unite, and help each other. The competition is a confrontation with opponents, but also a breakthrough in self. After fierce competition, Shen Jianming, from Jinggong New Materials, won the first place in the individual competition, and 7 athletes including Zhou Yuyu won the team championship.





The Guazhu Lake Mini Marathon is temporarily over, but it is not the end. Next, the company’s Party committee, labor union, and youth league committee will continue to bring interesting and exciting activities to the majority of employees, and we look forward to more employees participating in them.

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